OpenSignals is our easy-to-use and versatile software suite for real-time biosignals visualisation, capable of direct interaction with all PLUX devices.

Core functionalities include sensor data acquisition from multiple channels and devices concurrently, data visualisation and recording. In addition, OpenSignals has a suite of data analysis add-ons to create reports from the recorded data and extract features directly from the signals without having to do any coding.

Reliable biosignal acquisition & visualization

  • Supports all biosignalsplux Bluetooth devices
  • Real-time signal acquisition & visualization from up to 24-channels simultaneously (3 devices)
  • Offline data visualization
  • Data logging & scheduling features (1)
  • Automatic sensor detection(2)
  • Automatic reconnection features to recover from unstable Bluetooth connections

Multi-Platform & Third-Party Compatible Data Exchange

Extensive list of signal processing add-ons

(1) requires 16GB internal memory feature for 4-channel & 8-channel biosignalsplux devices (not included by default in all biosignalsplux kits)
(2) requires biosignalsplux firmware v.3.7 or newer; firmware and installation tool available here
(3) additional purchase may be required; not included in all biosignalplux kits